About 900 people are currently employed by Komatsu Germany - Mining Division. Our success factors are close customer contacts, sustainability and environmental management. We offer attractive products and are the innovative engineering pioneers in the mining industry. Our prior commitment is to provide the maximum safety of our machines as well as superior quality and innovative solutions combined with individual services tailor-made to our customers’ needs.


Our history goes back to the early 20th century. In 1907 the Carlshütte AG built the first electrically powered rope shovels for an open pit under licence controlled by DEMAG. In 1925 Carlshütte AG was taken over by DEMAG who relocated the company to Duisburg. The plant in Dusseldorf where the production has continued until today was built in 1939. Over the years DEMAG has continually set new milestones in the global mining industry. During the industrial fair 1954 in Hanover, DEMAG sensationally introduced the world’s first fully hydraulic diesel powered excavator. Moreover, in 1972 DEMAG developed the first hydraulic excavator with a total machine weight of more than 100 tons. In 1978 DEMAG was integrated into the globally active Mannesmann group and was renamed Mannesmann Baumaschinen GmbH. With the introduction and inauguration of the world’s biggest hydraulic excavator H485, weighing more than 500 tons in 1986, we continued to maintain a pioneering role in the global mining market. Another important milestone in our history was the acquisition of Mannesmann Baumaschinen GmbH by Komatsu Limited in 1999. The company was renamed Komatsu Mining Germany GmbH. Komatsu Mining Germany GmbH finally merged with Komatsu Hanomag GmbH in 2016 to Komatsu Germany GmbH. 

Currently about 900 people are employed by Komatsu Germany - Mining Division. Our headquarters is located in Dusseldorf. Since 1980 we have supplied about 1080 machines to our global customers. Around 70% of them are still in operation. Currently our best-selling excavator is the PC3000. About 25% of our excavators have an electric drive, 75% have a diesel engine. The electric drive is particularly popular for larger equipment classes. The mine operators often feed the electricity into the motors via their own power plants. There are also significant differences in bucket configurations. The front shovel is usually more often used in mines. More than 65% are delivered as front shovel, less than 35% have the backhoe configuration. The Front Shovel configuration is almost exclusively used in the larger classes over 600 tons.

Komatsu Germany - Mining Division produces five different types of excavators with machinery weights of 250 metric tons to 770 metric tons. Depending on each model, the size of the bucket varies from 15 cum to 42 cum, carried by our flagship, the huge PC 8000. Besides our standard configuration, we offer a variety of tailor-made solutions. Principally, a customer can choose between a diesel or electro drive as well as between a backhoe or a front shovel attachment. Our prior commitment is to provide best quality and innovative solutions combined with individual services. Technological progress to enhance of our customers' business is clearly our main concern. New developments such as the unique Komtrax Plus 2, Payload Meter (PLM) or KomVision are only a few of our innovative solutions.



Our plant is located in the southern part of Dusseldorf. For over 80 years we have been an integral part of the city. The property area is approximately 109,000 sqm. Our plant is ISO-certified according to e.g. Quality DIN EN ISO 9001 and Environmental DIN EN ISO 14001.


The Technical Center combines the expertise of all engineering and manufacturing departments. Spacious and transparent rooms are the distinguishing features of the Technical Center and make it a real eye-catcher in Dusseldorf.


The transport of our machines and parts is challenging. Through a worldwide distributor network, we are able to deliver our goods anywhere in the world. Whether by air, truck, train or on the famous Ice Road, we are real transport specialists.


Highly abrasive material, special applications, the most unfriendly conditions and the most remote places. No problem for Komatsu.  Our large hydraulic excavators are exactly designed for such purposes. We are at home in every field of application.


At our 109,000 sqm production plant in the south of Dusseldorf, Komatsu Germany’s mining division produces five different types of ultra-large mining excavators with machinery weights of 250 metric tons up to 770 metric tons.

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