Komatsu Germany’s – Industrial Division is located in Dusseldorf. Where we maintain and support our presses and spare parts for our customers in Europe. Innovative technology, highest precision, customer proximity and quick solution finding are our strengths. Our customers benefit from over 40 years of experience in the field of industrial machinery. Since 2018, we have been a part of Komatsu Germany GmbH. This means a faster support and delivery network for our customers.


Today's Komatsu Germany - Industrial Division includes the former Komatsu Industries Europe GmbH and the Nippei Toyama Corporation. In 2018 the affiliated companies were merged to Komatsu Germany - Industrial Division to strengthen the service network and presence in the German market.

The history of Komatsu Industries Europe goes back to the late ‘60s when KOMATSU-MAYPRES (KOMAY) was founded in Strassdorf, Southern Germany in 1969. We started our business with the import and sale of KOMATSU-MAYPRES and other machinery produced by KOMATSU Ltd. Japan. Due to the expansion of our product portfolio, we changed our name to KOMATSU INDUSTRIES EUROPE GmbH in 1986. In 2018, the company was merged with Komatsu Germany GmbH and now operates under the name "Industrial Division".

NIPPEI TOYAMA Europe GmbH (NTG) was founded on 19th August 1992 as a European subsidiary of NIPPEI TOYAMA Corporation. The first location for the office was in Recklinghausen. At the beginning NTG was a small service station to support customers in Europe. In the course of the merger of the parent company NIPPEI TOYAMA Corporation with Komatsu, the NTG location was relocated to Rüsselsheim. On 1 July 2008, a joint office was opened there with the affiliated company Komatsu Industries Europe. In 2018, NTG merged with Komatsu Germany to establish Komatsu Germany - Industrial Division.

The head office of the Industrial Division is located in Dusseldorf, together with the Mining Division of Komatsu Germany. We are handling industrial machinery press machines, laser machines, machine tools, etc., and supply and service to the automobile and parts industry. Since 1969 we have supplied production facilities to customers throughout Europe. Many of them are still in operation.

The main products of Komatsu Germany - Industrial Division are stamping presses. They are available in various sizes and designs, depending on the application area of our customers and complement with intelligent IT solutions. As the Komatsu presses are very special machines, they are very often manufactured to the individual customers' needs. Most of the parts are sourced from the main plant in Japan. Our products are complemented by IT solutions in order to achieve the maximum performance.



The H2FM Next-Generation Progressive Servo Press is equipped with a newly developed "water-cooled high-torque servomotor" and pendulum motion can improve productivity by up to 60% in mechanical press ratio. Furthermore, by adopting a newly developed "high-capacity capacitor storage system" for press applications, we want to reduce power supply capacity and power consumption to the same level as mechanical presses.


Komatsu is developing and supplying the brand-new, large-scale press lines for forming automotive body panels. Productivity has been increased by 75 percent with the pendulum feeder compared to the conventional tandem press lines. As a pioneer of servo presses, Komatsu has delivered more than 350 large servo presses to automobile manufacturers all over the world.


Komatsu Germany’s Industrial Division installs presses and spare parts for their European customers. Quick availability can be guaranteed by the storage of parts in our Dusseldorf based warehouse.


The relationship between KOMATSU Japan and Komatsu Germany is very close. Most product innovation processes take place at the Innovation Center in Japan and are transferred directly to Komatsu Germany.