Komatsu Germany's - Construction Division plant is located in Hanover. Wheel loaders and mobile excavators are developed and manufactured here. In our plant we rely on a high vertical depth of manufacturing. For example, key components such as axles and transmissions for wheel loaders and mobile excavators are manufactured in-house at our Hanover plant. Wheel loaders are manufactured under license and compact wheel loaders as well as mobile excavators are developed for the worldwide market. In addition to introducing new technologies to maintain our long-term competitiveness, we also focus on sustainable personnel development.


Our history begins in 1835 with the foundation of the machine factory and iron foundry Georg Egestorff in Hanover, where we manufactured steam engines and machine tools. In 1924, we expanded our product portfolio with the beginning of the assembly line for passenger cars. In the following years tractors and trucks were added to the product portfolio. In 1959 we were able to present the first Hanomag wheel loader (model B70).  In 1989, Komatsu Ltd. acquired the majority of shares. From 1991-92 the production of Komatsu wheel loaders started at the Hanover site. In 2002 Komatsu purchased 100% of the company's shares and the company was renamed Komatsu Hanomag GmbH.  In 2005 Komatsu decided to move the development and production of mobile excavators to Hanover. One year later, the European Technical Centres (EUTC) was founded in Hanover.  With our latest project, "Komatsu Hanover Innovation & Technical Center" HITeC, we have laid another foundation stone for the future.

Wheel loaders from 55 to 531 hp and mobile excavators from 14 to 22 tons are developed, produced and sold on a 200,000 sqm site in Hanover, as are dump trucks with payloads of up to 63 tons. In Hanover, construction machinery is developed to meet the various requirements of our customers in Europe and for certain products worldwide. In addition to the introduction of new technologies to maintain competitiveness in the long term, we also focus on sustainable personnel development. To this end, we have set up our own training workshop to train specialists in the technical field. 

Komatsu Germany – Construction Division manufactures and develops three different product types, which are divided into 21 different models. These include wheel loaders from 55 to 531 HP, mobile excavators from 14 to 22 tons. The European Technology Center in Hanover offers the opportunity to keep the construction machines always up to date with the state of the art technology. They meet the different requirements of all customers in Europe and for certain products even worldwide. The digital enhancement of the operation is one of our key business targets. Our machines are certified according to the latest environmental standards.



In addition to the construction machinery manufacturing plants, we offer many opportunities for staff development at our 184-year-old historic site. The site area is approximately 200,000 sqm.


The Hanover Innovation & Technical Center (HITeC) has been opened in 2019 and is intended to support innovation processes with a transparent building and communication design.


Development, production and sales engineers are under one roof. Among other things, future-relevant topics such as digitalization, networking and industry of the construction site 4.0 are our daily drivers. 


We are specialists in the construction industry. Many years of experience and innovation leadership have made us a leader in technical development. Year after year we set new milestones and exclusively manufacture quality products.